Long way home

“It’s not about the final destination it’s all about the journey” – that’s what all those motivational quotes always say.

What nonsense.

It’s all about the destination when we come down to Agulhas. All we want is to get here, light the braai, open some beers and have a chilled evening. The escape from the harsh urban reality of the week can then begin.  And the same with the return trip. Leave as late as you can, swear lots at Somerset West, get home and mentally prepare for the week ahead.

Tomorrow is different though. Tomorrow we are going to drive back very slowly and it will be all about the journey and hardly anything about the destination. Which will be Cape Town.

Thanks to the luxury of my 4-day weekend, I am able to meander back along the coast, and I fully intend to go on as many dirt roads as I possibly can and stop to take as many photographs as I wish. If it takes me 8 hours to get home, well so be it, because tomorrow it really doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow is all about the journey and has nothing to do with the destination. We’ll hug the south coast as much as possible, driving through L’Agulhas, Struisbaai and then hanging a sho’t left towards places with wild names like Baardskeedersbos and Wolvengat. From there: Pearly Beach, Danger Point, Franskraal, Gansbaai, Stanford and Hermanus. And then back through Kleinmond and Rooi Els to Gordon’s Bay.

It could take 4 hours, it could take 8. But either way, the SD card is primed and the camera batteries are ready to go.

But that’s tomorrow. Today is all about rockpooling, fish’n’chips, beers in the afternoon sun and some decent steak on the braai this evening.

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