Long Beach

Cape Town in autumn is a wonderful place to be. Sometimes, anyway. This morning was one of those times as Long Beach in Noordhoek revealed itself from the early mist during our pre-breakfast exercise. The spring tides of two weeks ago have left a huge flooded area at the top of the beach, and the lack of any significant wind made for some lovely views.

There were a few proper photographers with sturdy-looking tripods and big bags full of equipment doing their thing there, so it must have been “a good day” for taking photographs.
Of the 6 shots I have uploaded to Flickr from this morning (they’re in this album), this one is my favourite. Perhaps because many of the others appear a little washed out, or lend themselves to being monochromed, because of the low sun, the neutral beach and the grey mist. This one is surprisingly colourful – aided nicely by that splash of green on the left hand side.

I’d like to suggest that it was a deliberate inclusion, but I suspect that you would see through my tissue of lies rather quickly.

2 thoughts on “Long Beach

  1. The landscape n the left hand side of this picture reminds me of the SR71 Blackbird. It’s the concave shapes of that aircraft, which mimic the concave way that land descends towards the sea, flattering out into a beach.

    Also the way that the SR71 cockpit sticks out way in front of the jet engines.

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