Local dating site warns you to “be alert” if wind picks up ahead of concert

This just in ahead of the Lady Gaga concert that no-one everyone is talking about:

I can only guess that this is in reference to the incident at the Linkin Park concert in Cape Town last month in which a scaffolding tower blew over and killed a woman. And forewarned is forearmed, right?
But are people really more at risk of injury and/or death from objects being blown over at events occurring at the Cape Town Stadium?

If they are then how comes there was no warning on the Dating Buzz SA twitter stream for patrons heading to the recent Cape derby on November 23rd? True, almost half a million football fans survived the World Cup 2010 completely unscathed, but that was before the Linkin Park incident, which showed just how dangerous events at the Cape Town Stadium can be.

Look, maybe it’s not a Cape Town Stadium thing. Maybe it’s a wind thing, but in that case, the apocalyptic Friday 30th should have been a bit mental for tweets from Dating Buzz SA. But it wasn’t. There were a couple of Lady Gaga tweets and a retweet of someone asking how Matt was.
I’m not sure who Matt is or what happened to him – perhaps some sort of wind/scaffolding related injury?
Tenuous at best.

All in all, I think that the tweeted warning is pretty much needless. Like me saying, “Don’t get run over tomorrow”.
(Although, don’t.)

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t always be on the look out for large tubular metal structures crashing down on them, but it seems to be a bit of a stretch to suggest that they should be specifically more alert at tonight’s concert. Common sense should prevail.

Oh, and it certainly doesn’t deserve three exclamation marks. Nothing deserves three exclamation marks.

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