littleworld update

Incoming from Nicole – who commented on the original littleworld post:

I received a (short and sweet) reply from Anita Scott, Customer Service Head at Woolworths to the email I sent her about this issue.

“Dear Nicole
 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will respond to the customer.”

Her email was sent at 11:30am on Thursday 18th June. Please let me know if you actually do hear from her.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Nicole.

I can safely say, 25 hours on from her email to you, that no-one from Woolworths has got in touch with me.
I’ll keep you updated.

10 thoughts on “littleworld update

  1. Jpd > It’s the softly, softly approach to customer service.

    Emil > Also, didn’t he write some stuff about poor service and unconstitutional customer reward programmes in The Merchant of Venice?

  2. DW > I hate anonymous commenters.

    Thanks for pointing that one out though, while conveniently ignoring the: “Yours is the funniest comment out of the 41 so far” one just above it.

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