“Like us on Facebook”

I found myself behind this vehicle earlier today.
For the record, the driver of van number 21 drives like he’s trying to secure some extra clientele.


Look, business is business, and the funeral business is a big business in SA. But it just seems somewhat inappropriate and actually rather pointless to ‘Like’ a funeral directors on Facebook, as they’re suggesting.

Still, 408 people have done exactly that, and consequently are getting some lovely images of Fern’s staff and services on their timelines. I particularly like the post including their happy happy joy joy secondary capital letter tagline “DEATH USUALLY STRIKES UNEXPECTEDLY”, which bewilderingly garnered 11 Likes.

But even that couldn’t match the bizarre 18 Likes which this promo photo(?) of two Fern hearses in the car park of a local hospital managed. What on earth were those 18 people thinking?
“Oh – look at those nice white vans going to pick up dead people in the rain in Wynberg. What a lovely sight. I’ll click the Like button for that.” or
“How nice of them to remind the patients that even if they don’t recover, there’s always the guarantee of peace of mind. Like!”

I have no doubt that Fern Funerals provide a professional and caring service to those who require it. But for me, their Facebook presence is just weird.

UPDATE: It gets worse. Check this photo (one of many) of an example of their graveside setup.
The gazebo – is that… Comic Sans? Sweet jesus…

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