Light up, light up!

(As Snow Patrol once told us.)

They were testing the lights at the Green Point Cape Town Stadium last night.
Flickr user donaldza was there to catch it. Thanks, donaldza.


Bigger version here.

Truly magnificent.

EDIT: Just been sent these by email. Arguably even more magnificenterer.
(That may not actually be a word.)

Bigger versions here and here are completely breathtaking.
There was no indication on the email as to who took these, so if they’re yours, please get in touch and I will happily credit you. Very happily.

They are from Bruce Sutherland (I did have a feeling they might be).
He also gave us this, remember? [thanks ctguy]

21 thoughts on “Light up, light up!

  1. BB > I had kids to look after and I hide live in the ‘Burbs. I am sad and old.

    Goblin > Indeed. But donaldza wasn’t there then.
    Meh. I like lights and stadiums. I don’t like movies and posters.

  2. Gasp! All that light pollution!! The tree huggers will be doing their collective nuts about all that CO2 bollocks… 😀

    Oh, and with the lights on, it definitely does look like a minty Polo! 😛
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Brain Drain =-.

  3. Hayley > It does. It is.

    BB > That’s quite old.

    ctguy > She deserved it for that dreadful cover version alone.

    DW > Please do. You have my email address! 😉

    HH > Yep, because no other major sporting arena worldwide has lights.
    Less polo’y, more UFO’y on the second lot of photos.

  4. Yeah, they do have lights, but here we’re now being encouraged to report “bright shiny lights” to the Gesta… erm, I mean, local government, who then ask the owners of the “bright shiny lights” nicely (with a threatening letter, no doubt) to switch their lights off.

    PS. If I send you money, can you send me some 100w bulbs? They’re pretty much illegal here now… 😀
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Brain Drain =-.

  5. ~Waiting to see how long it takes before outraged LL fans descend and accuse you of inciting hate speech~

    And yes, Snow Patrol’s version was definitely the best one!!
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Brain Drain =-.

  6. Pamela > No, that was because one of the donkeys turning your generator wheel had a sore ankle.

    ctguy > Thanks. GREENpoint. Geddit?!?

  7. “It has its own substation in place along with two generators.” Not surprising, else Koeberg would crash!

    As for the 100W bulbs, Australia are phasing them out over the next 3 years to help with the global warming/greenhouse gas issues. You can pick up free energy efficient bulbs from your electricity supplier over here.
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..Wouldn’t you just Pipi yourself… =-.

  8. Stan > You’re more than welcome. All you have to do is pay for your flights, board and lodgings. And tickets. And any other expenses.

    Delboy > Man – please. The only reason Newlands or Loftus don’t light up like this is that the sides are solid.

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