Letter from God to Man

Sit back and enjoy the Radiohead-sampling duo of Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and the original (and apparently now unofficial, but still better) video for their ditty: Letter from God to Man.
This is from their excellent CD Angles, which is in my iTunes Top 10, nestling between the unlikely bedfellows of Depeche Mode and Morten Harket. (Thankfully, no photos available).

There are so many messages in here – take from it what you will. However, if you should find yourself disappointed, then may I advise that you watch it again while using silicone-stripping solvents in a confined space, as I have just been doing. It seems so much better then.

In fact, everything seems so much better then.

Incidentally, here’s the new, flashy, expensive version should you wish to compare.

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