Let’s try this

I was reminded this morning of a mate back in the UK who would love to catch people out with a little trick whenever he was about to do something he was looking forward to. Simple stuff, but just funny. Mate’s humour.

An example:

Him: Hey, did I hear that you’re going away to Crete for two weeks?
Me: [somewhat wistfully] No. Not this year.
Him: Oh, just me then.


Yeah, he got me a couple of times, but it was always more amusing to see him get other people with it over a beer at the quiz or after some football. Even better because we could all see he was lining one up, and they had no idea.

Halcyon days.

Anyway, on a different subject… Have any of you readers covered your hands in superglue and then stabbed yourself with a screw whilst trying to repair a wooden clothes horse that should probably have been thrown away a couple of years ago?


Just me then.