Learning curve

Lunch at Ons Huisie was a revelation. The Wes Kus Potjie was utterly fantastic. And while I was well aware that the fishermen north of Cape Town were big on prawns, mussels, calamari and kingklip, I didn’t know that they enjoyed quite so much garlic. Apparently, they like a lot of garlic.
Anyway, if Ons Huisie were going to make an truly authentic Wes Kus Potjie, surely they would have somehow slipped some loose women and illicit liquor in there. And some poaching gear.
Although the neoprene would have made the dish a little chewy.

Yesterday I also found out that there was a zebra in the Nativity story. Regular readers will know that I don’t consider the Nativity to be real, just like I don’t consider the Famous Five to be real but I am still well versed in the tales of Dick. And Julian, Anne, George and Timmy the dog as well. So, I know the basic story of the Nativity having had it drilled into me from an early age: Mary, Joseph, Archangel Graham, Donkeys, Cattle, Shepherd, the three Wise Men/Kings and the lack of any sort of stripy African horse.

Those of you with particularly sharp vision will also note an elephant, a giraffe and a couple of springbok in there. I was less sure on these than I was on the zebra, so I checked the bible and they weren’t in there either. But the kids enjoyed it and in entirely unrelated news, I’m told that the school production of The Lion King last year was amazing.

8 thoughts on “Learning curve

  1. Ons Huisie?

    A wonderful place.

    We will be going there again in the not too distant future we hope.

    But the zebra? Not sure…

  2. HH > Actually not. I am neither small, nor a “cutie”.

    JJvR > He is a sweetie when in placid zebra mode, yes.

    GaiB > Try the potjie. It comes with free Clorets.

  3. I am mortally afraid of garlic, but might venture out there soon, thanks for the heads up!

    Your zebra is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen around 🙂

  4. HH > Ha! Well she is neither… that is… er… never mind.

    Tania > I am also afraid of garlic now. But it was a nice lunch.

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