Midday loadshedding, and I could be in the gym doing my 10km resistance biking for the day. But I’m inside playing Geoguessr and writing a blog post. I’m just not feeling it today, and I’ve decided to give my legs a day off. No excuses tomorrow, though (not that I really had one today).

The long weekend in South Africa (Freedom Day yesterday, pseudo-holiday today, Worker’s Day on Monday) allows for a braai this evening, an anniversary meal out tomorrow evening, a recovery day on Sunday and then lunch in the Winelands on Monday. While everything else is falling apart in the country, at least the lifestyle continues to deliver the goods.

There are, of course, a few jobs to be done as well (plus those workouts), but I will fit them in around the food and the football. Blog posts will continue on a daily basis, because what would you do for entertainment otherwise?

Oh, and just a little reminder:

Still bouncing…