Later today

The thing with my Windguru app is that it vigorously scaremongers*. Look a week ahead, and sometimes you’d be forgiven for believing that the Apocalypse was on the way. But, as the final judgment approaches, the weather app tones down its forecast, and while the sun might not shine, tomorrow is still only a day away.


Not so with this one though, and although I do think we’ll still live to see another day, it does appear that things could get a little exciting later today. I love the way that you can see the North wind giving way between the 14h and 17th forecasts, and then the rain coming in as the centre of the deep Low passes and the frontal train hits.

Cape Town is bearing the brunt of this one. The rain is quite localised and further down the south coast looks damp and grey, but not Noah’s Ark territory. We’re going to take our chances down in Agulhas – hopefully getting there and getting the fire lit before the storm blows in there.

Stay safe and warm, local people.

* But for hour by hour forecasts from about 48 hours ahead, it’s terrifyingly accurate.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, in America

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