Last minute help

I guess it depends what you define as “last minute”, but things are certainly moving towards the dangerous end of the scale if you haven’t done your christmas shopping for your other half yet.
But never fear – 6000 miles… is here to help. And how.

Behold – the Inflatable Toast Mattress:


Breakfast in bed? No, breakfast IS the bed! Sleeping on this giant 6′ by 7′ Inflatable Toast Mattress is likely to make you dream that you are a pad of butter and that you are floating down a river of freshly brewed coffee.
In reality, you should not use the Inflatable Toast Mattress as a flotation device nor should you expose it to excessive heat. This piece of toast is made of plastic, not bread, so if you wake up and smell burning toast, you are probably just having a stroke.

At just $169.95 (that’s a mere R1,274.63 at today’s exchange rate), this is the ideal gift for someone that… erm… really likes… toast.


But if that doesn’t quite fit the bill, then how about these other suggested gift ideas?


I’m told that inflatable turkey with an inflatable fruitcake dessert is the christmas meal of choice for those trying to shed a few kilos. Air is virtually calorie free, while most humans are unable to digest polyethylene vinyl. 
Sounds ever so healthy. But if you end up getting sick, you can always retire to your toast mattress.

5 thoughts on “Last minute help

  1. Camilla has several toast beds up at Highgrove. She likes to drape bacon sheets and egg pillows over them… I’m sure you can imagine that we both love breakfast!

  2. Emil > LOL. 🙂

    Pamela > shopS? You have more than one? 😉

    HRH > I don’t want to imagine. Thanks.

    HH > Alex now wants an Ouma’s Rusk bed.

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