Last Day

Officially, there has to be a last day. And officially, this is it.

Wow. It’s the end of the an era. Today is officially the last day that our son goes to school.

Of course, there will still be other days back at school. You don’t just get to leave the institution that you have officially attended every academic day for the last 14 years, instantly. There are still exams to sit, advice to give and take, a “matric” dance to enjoy, and maybe even going in part-time for an extra year, should you decide to do some further studying in, say, Computer Science and Business Studies.

Which you should.

But officially, this is the last day

We’ve come a long way…

That one above is from his second official day. I do have some photos of his first official day, but they’re not quite as cute as this one. Mainly because it was all snot en trane*. Evidently, that first day went so well that we were able to get some happier memories the following morning.

But when the bell rings at midday today, that will be it. Finish en klaar. (Afrikaans noun phrases are clearly the goto when it comes to describing landmark occasions in an educational career.)

Of course, there have been ups and downs throughout your time at school: this is real life, but I think it’s easy to see that the ups have far outweighed the downs in both number and gravity. We’re – rightfully – so very proud of the young man you’ve become, the obstacles you have overcome, and the amazing things you have achieved, both academically and outside school.
And we know that that won’t change, just because you’re moving on.

But while we look back on the last 14 years with fondness and gratitude, the lifelong friendships made and the amazing memories created, and maybe wish that it wasn’t coming to an end…

Officially, there has to be a last day. And officially, this is it.

* and just wait until you see my wife later this morning.