Back home from a hot, humid Agulhas to a hot, humid Cape Town. Make sure all the wilted garden is given a quick refreshing bath and then straight into the pool or a beer, depending on one’s individual preference.

Before we left, we headed up the Agulhas Lighthouse for a look over the town and the Southernmost Point, except that the sea mist hid the latter from us. Thus, the most interesting thing to ‘tog was actually this lamp halfway up the tower.

Quite clearly recently unused (like we can anyway!), and in need of some TLC, but that matches the rest of the place at the moment, the 2013 refurbishment long since overcome by the efforts of the (very) local oceans.

More to follow, but it’s been a long day, so I’ll sign off for now and go and help with dinner.

The showbiz lifestyle of a top blogger, eh?