Kicking myself and the limitations of technology

Two parts to this one, but they are annoying intertwined in a doubly annoying double helix of annoyance.

The preamble to this post is that when I was looking for a new alarm clock tone for my phone, I took popular opinion on board and installed Zedge and had a fun time going through some of their expansive sound file database. Previously, my alarm clock tone was Radiohead’s No Surprises, but I found that put me in an even more depressed mood than I would usually be in at 6 o’clock.
To cut a long story short, I settled on a file called “MGC tone 1”, which was a cover of some throwaway dance track from the 90’s. I couldn’t quite remember who it was by at the time I downloaded it – I should really have known it, as the 90’s is my era in pub quiz music rounds – but that wasn’t really important: I had my new alarm clock tone.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I am permanently grumpy every morning because I wake up to a song that I don’t know the artist or title of. I don’t like not knowing things I should know. It’s becoming a bit of  an issue. If I had a cat, it would be forcefully booted down the stairs each morning. But I don’t have a cat, which might explain why my daughter looks increasingly worried when she sees me heading down to make breakfast.

So – that’s half my problem. Now, for the limits of technology bit.

I love technology and I remain in awe of what it can do. But it can’t do everything. And while software like Sony Ericsson’s Track ID (and everybody else’s Shazam) are unbelievably brilliant, they can’t ID what some bloke did on a synth in his Ohio bedroom. Nor can they ID me singing what some bloke did on a synth in his Ohio bedroom. To be fair, this may not be solely down to the technology bit.

Half my problem with searching for things on the internet is knowing what to search for. Some things just don’t work in Google. Like, for example “Beepy electronic dance tune from the 90’s“, which plainly doesn’t tell me what my beepy electronic dance tune from the 90’s is.

That’s where you come in. Because at least one (or more) of you will know what this song is and who it’s by. Like I should.

No prizes here, save for my eternal gratitude and the satisfaction of having made my family’s lives a bit easier each morning.

Who’s going to be there with the first comment?

UPDATE: Winner is Kevin; song is PPK’s Resurrection.

9 thoughts on “Kicking myself and the limitations of technology

  1. Kevin > Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    PPK would also explain why I had BBE – 7 Days and one week on my mind – must have somehow known it was 3 letters.

  2. Oh darn, Kevin got there before me and I so knew the answer to this. It bleeps!

    Actually quite a cool track. +2 discovery points

  3. My pleasure, although credit must go to SoundHound. Next time you have a similar predicament, try that instead of Track ID, Shazam, etc. It’s available for Android too.

  4. T > Still can’t believe I couldn’t remember it. I’m getting old, dammit. 🙁

    Kevin > I don’t care how you did it. My little 2 y/o daughter is (slightly more) safe in the mornings and it’s all because of you.

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