Keep On Running

In Loperamide (C29H33ClN2O2), we trust.

Ah yes. Day 2 of this infernal “24 hour” viral gastroenteritis, bringing with it the traditional four symptoms of viral gastroenteritis: sweating, shaking, swearing and farting. And frequent trips to the bathroom, obviously.

I haven’t had much contact with other individuals, but apparently, “everyone has got it”, which I suppose is meant to bring some comfort in that you then understand that you’re not suffering alone. However, all it makes me think of is numerous sweaty, shaky, sweary, farty individuals across Cape Town who can’t stray too far from a toilet.

And that’s not pleasant.

I’m actually rather annoyed that I’ve contracted this nasty bug: being a microbiologist, I’m anal about hand-washing and hygiene. (Perhaps I should use soap and water like other people?)
So, be aware, Cape Town people – you are hereby advised to stock up on Immodium, Rehydrate and Lucozade, because if I can get it, anyone can get it.

Right, I’m off for my 14th shower of the day.
Stay healthy, peeps.

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