Kaptein span die seile

Because we’ve been incredibly naughty and deserve all sorts of punishment, it could just be the next big thing.

You thought it was bad when Kurt Darren threw his now infamous Dans Treffer “Kaptein (span die seile)” at us. And you were right, because it was. If you have somehow managed to avoid this phenomenon thus far, well done, but prepare to join the “what has been heard cannot be unheard” club right here and now with the no expense spent official video:

Now, the musical genius of DJ Naaldekoker (that’s DJ Dragonfly to us rooineks), has taken arguably Kurt’s most irritating famous work and set it to a dubstep beat, thus creating the genre which will be henceforth known as Boerestep.


If this catches on – and with the current success of anything and everything dubstep, together with the continued, bewildering popularity of Afrikaans pop, I have absolutely no doubt that it might – we could be on the verge of the biggest thing to hit South African music since Craig Hinds et al released Indigo Girl, which was, quite literally, a Watershed moment.

Please forward any further examples of Boerestep to us here at 6000 miles… and we will keep the population abreast and forewarned of the advancing menace of the genre.
Prizes may be given for the best (worst) examples.

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