Just to clarify…

… I don’t hate whales.

There seems to be a large number of readers who are under the misapprehension that I am some sort of whale-hating whale-hater. I can only imagine that this foolish error has been caused by people misreading my posts on the recent whale-related incidents down in Kommetjie.
On Sunday, when I commented on the whole mass beaching incident, I described it as “very sad”. I did that because, in my opinion, it was very sad.
In my second post on the issue, I admit to calling the beached whales “daft bastards”. But that was in response to an “expert” opinion on how they got beached in the first place.
And then, a week after the original incident, I made it very clear that “I like whales“. “I like whales”, I commented. And I did that because I like whales.

Reading back, I simply cannot see where the scurrilous and inaccurate rumours have come from. I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that there is nothing I like to see more than watching magnificent creatures frolicking and cavorting around in the shallows. If there is more than one of them splashing and playing in the waves, that’s even better as far as I am concerned.

Shallow frolicking

I sincerely hope this sets the record straight and we can move on now.

10 thoughts on “Just to clarify…

  1. Quota post? 😛

    But yes, bored of whales now. Moving on. Find something else for people to bash you about. 😉

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  2. Goblin > No – important to make things clear. And to post gratuitous bikini girl pics.
    As for “find another reason for people to hate you” – did you miss the rugby post? Meeeeeeow!

  3. Yes the rugby post. Blah. Lee is becoming terribly boring.

    Goblin´s last blog post was: Wanna be (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  4. Hey – I thought your post was brilliant and to the point. Sometimes folk just need to ‘get a life’!
    Whales beaching themselves is sad, but they have been beaching themselves since time began. Enough already!!
    I, too, had a huge chuckle reading the Sunday Times article on the front page. Methinks the journalist was writing tongue-in-cheek!! :)Silly people!!

  5. DW > I love all of god’s creatures. (Terms and conditions apply)

    Val > Thanks for the props! 🙂
    The reporter was Andrew Donaldson – I thought he was taking the p… a little too. Not exactly his scene, I wouldn’t imagine, having read his columns before.
    I can only imagine his face when he found out he’d got that assignment.

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