Just another lighthouse pic…?

I have worked out that the Umhlanga (can you pronounce it correctly?) lighthouse is the most photographed in South Africa. That conclusion comes from looking for photos of various SA lighthouses on Flickr and the North Durban one being by far the most plentiful in the search window.


Yes, many lighthouses are iconic landmarks, but not all of them are quite so photogenic and convenient for a nearby conurbation. Joburg has no lighthouses. Cape Town has the Green Point lighthouse, but it’s more of a red and white Minecraft block than an actual tower. And Cape Town has so much more stuff to look at too. Cape Agulhas is certainly iconic, and geographically important, but it’s a long way from anywhere big. So in many ways, Umhlanga is the perfect balance of large local population, tower, and not too much other stuff to look at (don’t @ me).

I’ve never been to Griffiths Island in Victoria, Australia, nor do I have any desire to go there, but someone on Flickr did go there and they took this photograph:


Google tells me that Griffiths Island is near the legendary Port Fairy, where men are men and have ever such delicate wings. I don’t ever have to go there because someone went and took this beautiful image. I’m looking forward to test driving the new camera down at Agulhas this weekend, hopefully (in the nicest possible way) preventing anyone from having to go there ever again, as well.

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