Jumping the gun

The South African Police Service get a lot of criticism for their sometimes lacksidasical approach to the job, but in this case, they’re certainly ahead of the game:

Eleven critical after Alberton crash

Eleven people were critically injured when a taxi and a Toyota Corolla collided head-on in Alrode South, Alberton this morning, Ekurhuleni metro police said.
“Ten people from the taxi and the driver of the Corolla were rushed to the Natalspruit hospital,” said Inspector Jimmy Maboko.
The cause of the accident was unknown but it is suspected that one of the vehicles veered out of control and crashed onto an oncoming one at 6am.

A case of culpable homicide was being investigated, Maboko said.

Why? No-one was killed.

    Culpable Homicide is defined simply as “the unlawful negligent killing of a human being”.
     (S v. Naidoo and Others, Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa, Case 321/2001)

One thought on “Jumping the gun

  1. I lived within the Germiston (Ekurhuleni) jurisdiction for most of my life and I can tell you that the traffic cops really are a special breed over there, in fact you can include the local SAPS officers as well (there’s a long story about my volunteered handgun never being accounted for in the system)

    I have been pulled over before for turning on “red-arrowed” traffic lights, turning right when there was no right turn permitted and having to explain the sign to them, etc …etc..

    My guess is that Mr Maboko has just made it to the serious crimes section of his handbook and couldn’t wait to use the new big words he has learned.

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