Jo’burg Meningitis Scare – Get a grip!

“Scare” is exactly the right word. The Times newspaper is hugely critical of the Gauteng Health Department and the National Government today:

DESPITE fears that four children have died from meningitis in the past three weeks, the government says there is no need to panic.
And it does not think these deaths and seven others last year warrant a national vaccination campaign.

But shall I tell you something – the Government is absolutely right.

These cases are isolated, individual, not linked, unconnected. I know, I know – major health scares (especially in kids) sell newspapers – but there’s no meningitis outbreak in Johannesburg and so there’s really no story here.

The first death was a 15 year old from Mondeor High School. She died on 17th February from Klebsiella meningitis.
The second was an 8 year old from Soweto, who died on 23rd February after contracting viral meningitis.

At this point, I need to point out the difference in these two cases.
There is NO WAY that these deaths can be linked.
Suggesting that they may be the start of an meningitis outbreak is like suggesting a death in a car crash is linked to a case of poisoning a week later. The illnesses were caused by different agents, one a bacterium, one a virus. Both small, but different. Not the same. Not linked. At all.

Moving on, there have been two further deaths which have been “attributed” to meningitis in the last week. However, since the first case was buried quickly in accordance with her religious beliefs, there were no tests done. The other case was over this past weekend. But there are doubts as to whether that was even due to meningitis:

A second girl, aged nine, died over the weekend, sparking concerns that she had also died of meningitis.
But [Gauteng Health Official JP] Louw said initial tests had indicated the nine-year-old did not die of meningitis.
He added, however, that the health department would continue to investigate her death.

So to sum up: 4 deaths – regrettable, tragic, yes, but:
One from Klebsiella meningitis.
One from viral meningitis.
One unknown cause.
One under investigation, but not thought to be meningitis.

No wonder Mr Louw went on to say:

The department is… concerned about recent reports of meningitis suggesting that four young people, with two from Eldorado Park, passed away due to meningitis.

This in turn could lead to unwarranted panic in schools and communities.

Yes, once again, The Times is needlessly creating panic and sensationalising a story to get more readers. This is being exacerbated by their inaccurate reporting and poor understanding of the the situation. The difference is that this time, there are hundreds of kids being affected by their scare-mongering, rather than “just” the reputation of a politician.

I’m a microbiologist – I have studied and worked with these things for many years and I understand them. I recognise that the journalists writing the stories are not microbiologists – they are journalists. But why can’t they get some expert opinion in on this – it wouldn’t even have to be expert expert opinion: this is basic stuff – which would nip this unnecessary panic in the bud?
What they are doing is unhelpful, unethical and unprofessional. But like I said, they are journalists. And it is The Times.

So why am I so surprised?

EDIT: I see that COPE have got in the act and are using the deaths of these children as an election tool. Classy work, guys. But you might want to check your facts before you go diving in as well.  

EDIT 2: Times editor “fears meningitis in Johannesburg” – oh, the irony.
Stop reading your paper then, love. That should help.   

6 thoughts on “Jo’burg Meningitis Scare – Get a grip!

  1. How on earth can this Louw man say parents should not panic , i stay in eldo’s and i am a mother of two ,this situation have put so much stress on us.How many kids still have to die , i mean now really waar moet die ouers die geld kry wat die werk om hulle kinders na n private dokter toe te vat ,wat gebeur met onse local klinieks as hulle nie vaccines het om die kinders te gee,sit jouself in daai ouers wat hul kinders verloor het in n oogknip.Die so called goverment moet regtig kyk na dinge soos die, as jy n ma of pa is met gewete sal jy weet van wat ek praat , die kinders wil nie eers skool toe gaan deur die meningitis situasie , stuur dokters na al die skole toe om die kinders die vaccines te waar ons lewe nou in openbaring waar mense geld , karre en hulle huise aanbid instead wat ons almal nou tot bekeering moet kom en die siektes te bestraf.Each parent who had lost their children the almighty is with you

  2. Miss M > Sells papers though.

    Linda > Hello. I appreciate your concern: I have two young children too. But I must point out that there is no outbreak. You would not even have heard of these deaths if the newspapers weren’t making a fuss over nothing. I appreciate that these kids’ deaths are tragic – as is the death of any child – but much as one child being knocked down by a car doesn’t mean every child will be, neither does two kids dying in Eldorado Park mean that every child is at risk – there isn’t even any evidence that either of these kids died from meningitis.
    Sadly, children die each day of something. This is a storm in a teacup, I’m afraid to say.

    Spending money on a national vaccination programme for meningitis would divert money away from more important uses in healthcare – namely access to primary healthcare, which has far more benefits for the general population. In addition, vaccines given now will not prevent kids from getting the disease: antibiotics, which the DoH are providing – will. Keeping kids away from school is also counter-productive – staff have been trained to spot the earliest signs of illness, so you could potentially put your child at more risk by keeping them at home.

    As for your last line – don’t get me started… really.

    OL > Yup. Someone is not happy.

  3. Yay for responsible journalism hey?

    That money would be far better spent supplying provincial hospitals with much needed medication and equipment or…a mass sterilization program so panicky people can stop breeding 😉

    Goblin´s last blog post was: I. Don’t. Give. A. Flying. Rats. Bum. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

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