James Blunt to Chris Bryant

It’s open letter time again…

2015 is election year in the UK and it’s going to be awfully tight. The politicians, lawd bless ’em, will stop at nothing to get an extra few votes in the bag. However, with retrospect, perhaps shadow Culture minister Chris Bryant should have stopped some way short of including musician (careful now) James Blunt in a list of “performers from a ‘privileged background’ dominating the arts”.
James’ reply, which begins:

Dear Chris Bryant MP,

You classist gimp.

and is laced with facts, hard truths and some wonderful vitriol:

And then you come along, looking for votes, telling working class people that posh people like me don’t deserve it, and that we must redress the balance. But it is your populist, envy-based, vote-hunting ideas which make our country crap, far more than me and my shit songs, and my plummy accent.

has been shared by the Guardian. It’s certainly worth a read.

Oh, and he’s been on twitter as well, of course:


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