It’s just bread

Forgive me for this. I recognise that different people have different passions – I’ve even heard it said that some individuals don’t support Sheffield United, although I’m sure this can’t actually be true. But it’s wrong to expect others to be interested in your passion – even to understand it, no matter how great your enthusiasm or how flowery your language.

Food is one of those things that  people can wax lyrical about food forever and a day. Even, it appears, if it’s just bread. Check this feature on The Larder in Napier, taken from the Discover Cape Agulhas group on Facebook.

At the Larder in Napier we do not only bake bread but rather experience bread everyday. It is a living element that we partake of from early in the morning when the previous day’s dough is shaped, proved and baked. To see the mounds of white suddenly explode in the oven into beautiful crisp brown breads is a revelation every day. Afterwards we will mix the batch of dough for the following day and leave it quietly for 5 hours to develop. By mid afternoon we will prepare the dough for the overnight rising, working with it for 1 ½ hours to stretch the gluten and to benefit the maximum from our starter. Thereafter it is left overnight to let nature run its course. This process gives us a robust bread with lots of flavour, a crisp crust and soft on the inside. Eating our bread is an experience and not for the fainthearted.
Thus is our daily ritual every day, four days a week.

“A living element”? (Yeah, sure, until you stick it into the oven and KILL IT!)
“Mounds of white” suddenly exploding?
“Not for the fainthearted”?

Do we really knead this overly and overtly descriptive prose? You make it sound like a horror movie, when at the end of the day (and actually, reading again, throughout it) you are just baking.

It’s just bread.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that while you claim to “experience bread everyday”, you actually only make it on 57.1% of the days of the week. Even allowing for the following day’s baking, this hardly constitutes “everyday” and I will be speaking to the DTI’s Consumer Affairs Board about this.

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  1. See this is why I avoid bread, I just can’t carry the death of the living elements on my head.

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