It’s here!

Tonight sees the start of the 2009 7-a-side Corporate Soccer League (Cape Town, Wednesdays, Season 1) and I’m itching (not literally) to get back on the field so that I can be all screwed up in a ball of agony by this time tomorrow.

Your host taking on some rotund Italians last year

Things have changed a bit since that photo was taken. I’m probably very slightly slower, the Italians never returned after we beat them 2-0 and I had major surgery in October to remove the Let’s Play banner from between my shoulder blades.
Yes, this year will be a challenge: I’m older than I have ever been before and I haven’t kicked a football in anger since November. But you never forget how – it’s like riding a bike, albeit nowhere near as dangerous.
Doesn’t mean I won’t give it my all as usual, though.
Just means it’ll hurt more tomorrow.

(Check twitter [in sidebar] later this evening for a score update)
(Assuming we win)
(Otherwise I probably won’t bother)

MiniEdit: Tools of the trade via TwitPic

11 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Emil > Actually not. Not sure how I’ve kept it, but I’ve kept it. (Ooh! I can feel your envy!) 🙂

    Po > Still running a full systems check, but it would appear that I am relatively unscathed. Just mildly achy and stiff.

  2. Shucks. It was no big thing, really. Any highly skilled, ruggedly handsome footballer could have done it.

  3. Congrats on the goal Ad Wiz! Was it a toe poke from a metre out? 😆 Glad to see you’ve come through unscathed 6000 and well done on the 2-1 victory! I’m going up against my gym mate on sunday so keep an eye out for mondays post 😆 If we win I may do it earlier, or stick it on Twitter 😆

    Wiggy´s last blog post was: Mixed bag this weekend! (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  4. Wiggy > It was a bit of a toe poke. It trundled over the line. Just.
    Will watch out for your score over weekend. Good luck.

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