It’s good to be back

Yep. My first “proper” run yesterday after this little incident on the 27th November. I’ve done a few 1km jogs and a bit of hiking, but this was the first time I’ve dared to go out and “do” a “run”. And it turned out to be a very (very) leisurely 10km along the local beach here on the West Coast.
No records were broken. Just a fun little walk and run to pass the time while loadshedding was on. (Given that it’s the first of two four hour slots, I didn’t use all of it). And a lobbed in a few 50m “sprints” as well to see if I could still go “fast”…

[lots of quotation marks today]

…and apparently I sort of can still move quite quickly over a short distance when I need to.

Has today brought a World Of Pain™? Well, I don’t know, because actually I’m sitting on the deck yesterday writing this. There are already a few issues with cramping calves – sand remains a bastard to run on – but I’ll sort that out with some stretches and crying.

A return to playing football is still a long way off, but it’s closer than it was yesterday, and that’s a big plus. [party emoji]