It’s all about 6000

Incoming email from Woolworths and their MySchool programme. And I feature highly:

We’re sharing the love even more this month and making a difference.
We’ve partnered with the 94.5 KFM and Radio Highveld Ground Patrol Team to give 6000 needy school kids in Cape Town and Johannesburg nutritious lunches, plus we helped these 10 schools with a donation of library books and much-needed stationery.
Through your support we’re making a difference.

And then, on top of that (not literally), this:

It’s a fact: one unsterilised female dog and her offspring can give rise to 67 000 dogs in 6 years.
But in the last 6 years at African Tails, the opposite has happened: MySchool funds have helped sterilise a whopping 6000 animals (mostly dogs, and some cats)!

You can read more about that second story here.

I’m no huge fan of Woolworths (we’ve crossed swords on more than one occasion), but I don’t see why people don’t get MySchool cards. There’s absolutely no extra cost to the customer, there are discounts on items in store and part of your spend goes towards a good cause, like those above.

You can apply online here. Go do it and help out another 6000 needy individuals.

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