It was supposed to be so easy

So goes the song by The Streets, in which our protagonist (it’s Mike Skinner from The Streets) has a simple few tasks to get through one day, but then, much to his dismay, each one goes awry.
And yes, I had a whole list of jobs ahead of taking my daughter horse-riding, ahead of the end of year football dinner this evening, but there was time.

Until things went a little bit wrong. Sudden unexpected washing and ironing. Some packing and shopping (we’re going away tomorrow, but more on that then) and a driving lesson and a trip to the pharmacy and and and…

Probably most worrying of all, the beer supplies for tomorrow’s trip, supposedly being delivered by Pick n Pay’s ASAP service appears to have been taken away by their AWOL service. I have been assured that it will arrive before 3pm. Earlier, they seemed pretty certain that it would arrive by 12pm.
I’d cancel the order, but they’ve very much removed the money from my account already.

It’s fine, I need the extra anxiety.

I’ve done all that I can do now. Camera gear and clothing is packed. The horse-riding is approaching rapidly, and from there it’s a rush back here, a dive through the shower, and an Uber to town for the footy festivities.

And a release from a rather stressful day.