Isle of Man gets UNESCO status

Yes, the entire Isle of Man. All of it.

Unesco, the United Nations’ cultural body, has designated the entire island a protected biosphere nature reserve thanks to its stunning beauty, wildlife and sea creatures.

The self-governing British Crown dependency was one of 20 new sites added to the world biosphere reserve network, joining 11 other locations in the UK as ‘special places for people and nature’.

Crappy puff piece from a crappy newspaper, but probably worth a visit just for the photos.


Much like Cape Town, it’s not hard to take amazing photos of the Isle of Man, simply because it’s an amazing place. If you want to avoid the Daily Mail (and who wouldn’t with comments like this?):

The UN wants the whole world. Looks like they’ve started with the whole Isle of Man.

then you could just do an google image search.


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