Island of the Seven Mountains is displeased


This is a satellite image of the ‘Island of the Seven Mountains’ (right top) or more precisely in Russian: ‘having seven hills’, taken from The Guardian’s Satellite Eye on Earth series, and which features another 17 amazing pictures as well.

As for the angry islands above:

This uninhabited volcanic island is also an important nesting area for maritime birds of the North Pacific. Situated on the far end of the Aleutians, Semisopochnoi Island is simultaneously the most easterly and westerly point of the United States of America. Roughly 1,275 miles west-south-west of Anchorage, Alaska, Semisopochnoi has no native land mammals, so it is a natural nesting area for sea birds. But bird populations were decimated after Arctic foxes were introduced to the island for fur farming in the 19th century. In 1997, the last fox was removed from the island to allow the birds a safe refuge again. Part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, the island now supports more than a million seabirds, particularly auklets, according to the National Audubon Society.

So now you know.
And for more pictures of faces on inanimate objects, you need look no further than the Switch Face group on Flickr.

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