Is Zuma appealing?

Well, not to a lot of people as our future President anymore, since fraud and corruption charges were re-instated against him yesterday, following the National Prosecuting Authority’s successful appeal against Zuma’s previous appeal to get the charges against him dropped was overturned.

It remains to be seen whether, having considered the NPA’s successful appeal against Zuma’s successful appeal against the NPA, whether Zuma will now appeal (possibly successfully) against the NPA’s successful appeal which overturned Zuma’s previously successful appeal against the NPA. If he were to successfully appeal, it seems likely that the NPA would appeal that decision. Well, why not?

It’s pure comedy, isn’t it? And add to that the improbable names of Zuma’s lawyer, Kemp J Kemp, and the NPA’s spokesman Tlali Tlali (which isn’t pronounced like you think it should be) and it gets even sillier.  

Many, including FF+ leader Pieter Mulder, are now calling for charges against Zuma to be dropped and some sort of “agreement” to be reached. (I wonder where he got that idea from?)
One only has to look at the effect yesterday’s judgment had on the exchange rates to see that this case has much wider-reaching implications than the freedom (or otherwise) of our dear Msholozi. It’s harming the country and something needs to be done to halt the damage before it’s too late.
For many people, the ideal solution would be JZ stepping down as the ANC leader and presidential candidate before the election in Autumn. That’s not going to happen though. Too many people stand to gain too much to allow something as trivial as fraud and corruption charges and the wreckage of what was once South Africa’s shining reputation to get in the way.

And so, it comes down to a settlement to allow the charges to be waylaid or put aside or dropped or something. Safety first. It’s a wholly unsatisfactory way of doing things, yes, but it might just save the country. Or it might not. Thank goodness I don’t have to make these sort of decisions and have people like Julius Malema to do it for me.

In other more important news, that statue mystery turned out to be some artist wanting to “mix art and nature”. Boring.

Although I will in future follow the correct procedure and obtain permission from the relevant organisations, I will continue to place sculptures in different locations in South Africa and abroad to raise awareness and provoke debate.

Yeah – whatever. Now go and get a proper job.

And, in a poke in the eye for Victorian maritime engineering, Port St Mary lighthouse has been washed away by a big wave.  

A combination of a high tide and strong winds over night dealt a fatal blow to the 19th Century light that has been there since the breakwater was built, between 1882 and 1886.

I could sit here by the fireside and relate a myriad of tales from my childhood, many of which would be about that lighthouse. But that would be rather dull for you and a lot of them would be made up anyway. So I won’t.

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  1. Those darn artists.

    Politics stuff? Oh yes, you wrote about that too. Too bad I find it all terribly boring and couldn’t be bovvered. Good writing though! Well done! 😉

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  2. errgh Zuma is so boring now. I see he is getting married again. I swear the news about him now reads exactly the same as the news about him this time last year. New wife, new corruption charges. Dejavu.

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  3. Sometimes the saying ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ springs to mind and this is just 1 occasion. Perhaps Comrade Malema would like a stab at the job as he has enough to say about everyone else’s!

  4. I’m sorry, but I reckon the artist is just trying to fill the void left by the continuing unwillingness of the aliens to come forward and admit responsibility 😉

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  5. South Africa’s very own Jay Z. He’s got bitches in the front. And bitches in the back. He’s knocking back the Courvoisier. He’s packing a nickel-plated mshiniwam. But he’ll probably avoid the rap.

  6. Have spent the last few days looking in French Alps for a spare lighthouse, or phare as they say here, without any luck.
    One PSM resident (CR) feels we shouldn’t bother as the residents aren’t capable of looking after the ones they have (had).

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