8 thoughts on “Is F1 legend Michael Schumacher really The Stig?

  1. Eves > Is the right answer.

    OL > I thought he might need the money. He’s only got a MASSIVE fortune, after all.

    Ant > That explains the extra chin bit on the helmet. It was either him or Coultard.

    Reflex > Top Gear is the BBC’s best selling programme overseas (which we are). This is HUGE news all over the world.

    Goblin > But it was HIM!!!!

    GaiB > Yes, they were at a braai at my place last Christmas, before I threw MS out for being german.

  2. Reflex comments:
    “Hmmm, it made top read on the BBC website for about an hour yesterday morning, thanks to being a frontpage banner first thing. It was on about page 7 of the Metro and didn’t make front page of quite a few of the red tops.

    Whilst being newsworthy from a general interest point of view I don’t think it would classify as “HUGE” news.”

    I deleted it. Sorry. Was accident.

    In reply: I don’t think it’s really news at all. Although the Graniud did a huge piece on it.

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