“Int he GORRJUSS?”

I don’t agree with much that Gareth van Onselen writes, but fair play to him for sticking his white, middle-class, privileged, male head over the metaphorical parapet and writing this:

Sisonke Msimang works as a senior programme specialist in charge of policy development, advocacy and communications at the Sonke Gender Justice Network. She is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, a Yale fellow and was selected as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

In November last year, Msimang wrote a letter to her daughter in which she said of those who say a woman is “sexy or beautiful” when she is trying to be smart, “they do this because they want to put you in a box, and you must fight them and their boxes tooth and nail”. Yet she has a box for Harris, and the only thing inside it is eye candy.

Regarding this tweet:

“If @mbalimcdust and @zilevandamme can organise private discussion on erm, DA Econ policy w Tim Harris I will abandon the IFP. @JoziGoddess?”

Regarding Tim Harris, DA Poster Boy er… Finance Spokesman.

tim harris

And not withstanding that there are obviously some complex issues at play here (a point which van Onselen covers), it’s a clear case of double standards from someone who really should know – and think – better.

Two wrongs have never made a right.

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