How nasty was Mr Gattuso’s headbutt (I know, Dad) on innocent Joe Jordan last night after the feisty AC Milan v Spurs Champions League tie at the San Siro (see YouTube ad nauseum)?
Twitter and the panel in the Supersport studio were of the opinion that he should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered and then shot again for waving his forehead near the auld Scotsman’s nose.

Only one person posed the question:

…what was JJ’s face doing in range in the first place?

But it was very naughty of Gennaro and no-one should defend headbutting in football, should they?

Least of all… er… Joe Jordan.

JOE JORDAN almost sparked a touchline punch-up after Younes Kaboul was sent off yesterday.
Spurs coach Jordan went nose-to-nose with Newcastle goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman as they traded insults.

Jordan screamed ‘Any time you like, any f****** time you like’ after Woodman told the former Manchester United and Scotland hardman where to go following Kaboul’s dismissal for butting Cheik Tiote.


Joe Jordan – the innocent old assistant coach – going nose-to-nose with someone on the touchline?

Joe Jordan – the innocent old assistant coach – defending his player after he was sent off for a headbutt?

I, for one, cannot believe it.

It does, however, beg the question again: just what was Mr Jordan’s face doing an inch from Gennaro Gattuso’s in the first place last night?

Two to tango.

5 thoughts on “Innocent

  1. Exactly, and also it seemed to stem from something earlier on in the game, when Gattuso was gesturing at Jordan to get off the pitch and Joe being the Firey Scotsman he is was effing and blinding at him. Think Jordan forgot Gattuso played in Scotland for a while so will have picked up the slang 😆

  2. Wiggy > We need more Gattusos in the game. More Lee Bowyers, more Joey Bartons. I’m not condoning the headbutt incident, but these players are marked from the moment they step on the field. The treatment of Barton last night by Lee Mason was shocking. As was the press/studio reaction to Gattuso – even before the post-match incident.
    Since when did football not need hardmen? It’s a part of the game that needs to be continued and can’t die out – and I seem to remember (because I’m much older than you) that one Joe Jordan was an “enforcer” back in his day.

  3. Exactly. No-one ralies the AC Milan squad better than Gattuso. From my many years of playing I know a player like him or Barton can make a thunderous tackle when the game is not going your way, and then all of a sudden the team seems to click.

    The treatment of Barton on numerous occassions this season is a joke. Just becauser of his “Off-Field” problems, and the odd moment of madness ON the field, he’s a marked man with the refs. He’s having by far his best season and he does seem to have grown up a hell of a lot (minus the Gamst Pedersen thing)

    The way it’s going all players will be like Ronaldo at Real Madrid just strutting past defenders, knowing if they tough them they’re gonna get a free-kick. He wouldnt have lasted 5 minutes in the time of “Chopper Harris” or indeed Joe Jordan in his day

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