In form

I did warn people that it was going to be the same old story this season for the MIGHTY Sheffield United. The warning signs were all there: new manager, false hope, a lack of meaningful investment, and the selling off of our top talent.

And, true to form, we lost our first league game, got knocked out of the cup a few days later, and then fumbled and stumbled to scrape a draw at home to… er… Rochdale.

No, I’d never heard of them either.

But tonight is a different story.
Tonight, we play Southend United at Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane and we are clearly the in form side.


Look at those 2 draws. Look at them! 2 draws that Southend clearly don’t have. Lately, at least.

Because the results of football matches can always be decided solely by comparing the recent form of the two teams playing, I am obviously confident in predicting that a victory* is inevitable this evening.



* (or perhaps a draw or a defeat.)

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