He’s In A Pond!

These days, it must be hard for the imagineers and directors of music videos to find an original idea for their next project. However – and I admit that I may be displaying a certain amount of bias here – I think that Harald Zwart has done something a bit different with the new Morten Harket video, which premiered on VGTV this weekend.

Yes. He’s put him in a pond.

I’m hoping that this hotlinked (naughty, I know, sorry) video stays up until a more stable version is published on Youtube.
Now sorted.

The song continues to grow on me, the soothing voice helping, and the new album – of which this is the title track – is already pre-ordered. I can now only hope that Morten survives the onslaught of Aeromonas hydrophila and Leptospira borgpetersenii for which bathing in Nordic ponds is a notorious risk factor.

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