Taking the advice of a colleague, we dined at Panarottis this evening.

Apparently, the chain does great pizza and it is brilliant for kids.


The Claremont restaurant that we attended was the dirtiest place I have ever eaten. If I survive this week alive, it probably means that I’m actually immortal. There was dirt. A lot of dirt. And there was a smell too. It wasn’t nice.

The food was cheap and less than average. The service, poor. The kids stuff was frankly rubbish. Mrs 6000’s wine was crap.
The best bits for me were the Black Label and the exit.

We won’t be going there again and neither should you.

4 thoughts on “Immortal?

  1. Panarotti’s Claremont? Are you mad?

    When I was a student and they had their R25 eat-all-you-can pizza, even then we used to think it was desperate times to eat there. On the plus side, it’s highly unlikely your kids will ever get gastro ever again.

    When my sis and her brood is in town we’ve found Primi or even Col’cachhios (surprisingly enough) to be nice and kid-friendly.

  2. Rich > Evidently. But like I mentioned. It was a recommendation as somewhere good to go with kids.
    Yes, we’re big Primi fans, just fancied a change. Never again.

  3. The branch of Panarotti’s we sometimes go to (Cape Gate) is ok actually. But that’s in a shopping mall, and that may be the difference. As far as kid friendly goes, they’ve got a play area, and if that makes it kid friendly then yes, it is. I wouldn’t call it 5 star fare, and the service does sometimes leave a lot to be desired (but not always) but there’s certainly no fear of death being imminent from the place.

    The only Col’cacchios that I’ve been in that is even remotely kid friendly is the one in Franshhoek, and then only if the weather is warm.

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