Excuse the short posts and video sharing. Busy week this week and so not too much time left for blogging. Sentences even being fragmented.
But this busy life doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking of you and so, take a look at this and tell me what you think. It’s the new one from Stunt Bicyclist Danny MacAskill. You may remember him from such posts as Way Back Home.

Video link

Jury’s out for me. I’d prefer more real world and less kids’ toys. But you cannot deny that some of the stuff he does is utterly bewildering.
Mindblowing, even. My mind, in fact, was blown.


There’s a bloopers section during the credits too, indicating that the filming must have taken many weeks for broken bones to heal and bruises to disappear:

The seven-minute film took over 68 weeks to shoot, with some tricks taking up to 300 takes to get right.

“The ball front flip to the train tracks took about 250 takes,” MacAskill said. “It was a lot harder on the cameraman than on me! He was having to run up and down with a steady cam.”

That from the review in… er… The Telegraph. Who knew?

Music (a big part of stunt bicyclist videos) is from Houston.

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