I’m not Zille-bashing, but…

This article on news24 does rather seem to continue the “OMG, we’re all… doomed… doomed!”  scare tactics thread that characterised the DA’s final approach to the elections last month. And while I recognise that it is Zille’s and the DA’s job to question the Government, I’m not quite sure what value there is in criticising each and every cabinet appointment. I found her disingenuous use of Angie Motshekga’s quote particularly distasteful.
To whom did the DA expect that those jobs would be given? Were they really thinking that the ANC, having just wiped the floor (again) with the opposition parties would then appoint them into the cabinet?

And if so, why didn’t Helen Zille appoint an all-ANC front bench to the Western Cape Provincial Government?

I just can’t reconcile this:

“With few exceptions, President Jacob Zuma’s new Cabinet is bad news for South Africa,” Zille said.
Zille said Zuma’s decision to revamp the structure of Cabinet raised more questions than it provided answers.

with this:

Zille said the Cabinet needed to be given time before its performance could be properly judged.

Because it sounds to me like you’ve made your mind up already, Helen.

7 thoughts on “I’m not Zille-bashing, but…

  1. “…the ANC, having just wiped the floor (again) with the opposition parties…”

    Well said. I think that the ANC will be in power for many decades to come. People are voting along racial lines. Simple.

  2. Rashid > Indeed. Which is where COPE may assist in SA becoming a “proper” democracy.
    But what did the DA expect, really? Why the criticism of nearly ever appointment? Unnecessary.

  3. This is what pisses me off in its entirety regarding the Zille Brigade. How helpful is it to Saffas (and nonsaffas) if she just walks around bleating about how mean J.Zee is?

    If she were a better polititian she’d knock back her ego and offer assistance. Or something. Anything, really, just make her stop whining!

    Hi, btw.

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