I’m just a boy who can’t say no.

My kids are unwell. Scoop has an ear infection and Alex has a throat infection. Nothing uncommon about that during this wintery weather, and their antibiotics should sort them out sharpish. And while Scoop has been a little bit snotty for a while, Alex’s throat – and the associated symptoms – came on quite suddenly yesterday evening, prompting this conversation:

“Dad, I have a headache.”

“Oh dear. Whereabouts is it hurting in your head?”

“All over. And it’s making it so I can’t say “no”.”

“Pardon? It’s what?”

“It’s making it so I can’t say “no”.”

“Oh. I see. And has this ever happened before?”


The “patient history” question. It’s a miracle cure. I should market it.

Note: Together with his sudden onset of sore throat, fever and headache, I did (seriously) consider that by saying he “couldn’t say no”, Alex meant that he couldn’t shake his head because his neck was stiff and did all the relevant checks for meningitis.
Thanks for asking.

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