Igloo Ice: Unsung heroes

There are a lot of people helping out the VWS right now, and a lot of it is being publicised on social media. Fair play, I say. You deserve credit for your efforts and in the commercial world, publicity is your credit.

I noted that the firefighters were requesting ice from people. It is overwhelmingly hot in Cape Town today, and I’m sure that people are emptying their freezers as we speak. But that might not be enough, so I emailed Igloo Ice in Montague Gardens to ask if they could help.

I got this back:

Hi 6k,

We have donated ice to Tokai and someone has come to collect more from Kommetjie. There are more scheduled collections for this afternoon.

We have also offered to donate a bakkie load of ice to the Hout Bay fire department but they have told us they are fine for now.


Kind Regards

Harry Georgopoulos
Igloo Ice Cape Town

I don’t think Igloo Ice do social media, so you probably won’t see their name and brand plastered all over your Facebook and your Twitter. It’s people like them that are the unsung heroes in all of this.

I realise that this isn’t a huge blog with the pulling power of certain others we might name, but just from me: next time you’re considering getting in some ice cubes, crushed ice, solid water blocks, dry ice, ice baths or polystyrene containers for your party, company or event, remember that Igloo Ice were the ones quietly helping out the Cape Town firefighters behind the scenes.

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