If this bar bill was real…

…it might be the best bar bill ever.

Here’s the story:

Paavo Arhinmäki (Left Alliance), Finland’s Minister of Culture and Sport, has apologised for his conduct in Sochi on Saturday, conceding to reporters at the Helsinki Airport on Monday that the evening had got out of hand.

“Naturally, ministers should be able to control their partying in order to prevent it from going so far. It went too far,” he admitted when asked whether Saturday’s events were fitting for a minister. I haven’t passed out before. I use alcohol with moderation, but this time the party got out of hand,” emphasised Arhinmäki.

In addition, the minister reminded that the party was a private function with members of the Finnish ice hockey team. “Of course, it’s part of my official duties to also take part in such parties,” he added.

And here’s a cleverly-made mock up of the bill. It’s very amusing.


My favourite item has to be:

1 Sircus Midget With Hula Hoops

But wow, that’s pricey for a small person. You can get a couple of Blonde Excort ladies for less than that (see a couple of lines above) (although Whipped Cream is extra) (obviously).

To be fair, if it wasn’t for sending out for the Karjala, it would have been a more than reasonable evening to celebrate the Finnish ice hockey bronze medal.

3 thoughts on “If this bar bill was real…

  1. Obvioulsy a fake. While it’s common knowledge that blonde escourt ladies are partial to that delicious cocktail: Sirkus Midget with Hula Hoops (1 part vodka, 2 parts tears of gratitude), they’d never actually share one.

  2. biobot > Comrade, in Soviet Russia, the Excort Lady excorts *YOU*. Or… something…

    Graeme Broster > Ah! I read it wrong! Well, that completely explains the hugely inflated price tag.

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