I’d rather be…

How is this for a pic? That sky. That sea.


Taken this weekend on the beach at Struisbaai and I’d much rather be having another carefree day there than a stressful one here in the lab right now.

Tonight brings the school Nativity play. Scoop is a donkey and she’s hugely excited. Hopefully, there wont be anyone using their tablet to record the proceedings this time around, so I might actually get to see her.

3 thoughts on “I’d rather be…

  1. Stan > Ja. *sighs wistfully*

    Mrs 6000 > Two points here, merely for accuracy, dear.
    1. Yes, I used my tablet to Skype the concert to Grandma and Granddad, but kept it at floor height at all times. And:
    2. This guy was using a tablet AND standing up in front of everyone all evening. So *rasp*. And yes, I can like to sleep on the couch this evening.

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