I used Wumdrop and it worked very well

Not a sponsored post. Not even a “please will you let people know how it went for you if it went well for you” post.
Just to tell you that I used Wumdrop yesterday and it worked very well.

I’d describe Wumdrop as a short-range courier service based in Cape Town, shipping things all over the CBD and surrounding suburbs. They’d describe themselves as:

…an on demand courier service that lets you send anything to anyone over small distances in a small amount of time, for small money via mobile app, website, or ecommerce checkout.

I wasn’t far off, was I?

I don’t actually need to ship things all over the CBD very often, but yesterday, at short notice, I did. I could have driven in, but it was already 3.15, I had many things to do in the lab, and I didn’t want to sit in the infamous Cape Town traffic.
I’d be quite happy to pay someone else to do it for me though. Suffer, little children.

I signed up, logged in and booked the shipment online. It wasn’t difficult. Within about 45 minutes, Justin had arrived, bringing with him a friendly smile, a can-do attitude and loads of hair. He took the package from me and delivered it to the address in the CBD as I requested. I was kept informed via SMS the whole time.


This shipment would have cost me the princely sum of R47, but I got it for free under their introductory “Swagtober” offer [nomenclature requires attention].
As I say, I don’t have to ship things around the CBD very often, but you might need to, and if you do, Wumdrop seem to be the go to service for that.


Oh, and also, they’re launching in Sandton soon and Stellies soon after that.

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