I like this archipelago and this water tower

Firstly, this image of Værøy in Norway. It looks like somewhere I’d like to go.


It turns out that Værøy is the last island in the Lofoten archipelago in Nordland, Norway.
It has a lighthouse and a whirlpool. Yes, really:

The Moskstraumen (whirlpool) is located between the Lofoten Point of Moskenesøya (Moskenes municipality) and Værøy, at the small island of Mosken. It involves strong tidal currents flowing through the shallows between these islands and the Atlantic Ocean and the deep Vestfjorden, creating eddies and whirlpools, the largest one having a diameter of some 40–50 meters (130–160 ft) and inducing surface water ripples up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) in amplitude.

And then (in old news for people in the UK), this converted water tower in Kennington, featured on the 100th episode of Grand Designs – which was screened yesterday in South Africa. And I fell in love with it. Just wow.


I know it’s been up for sale for a while, so I don’t know if it’s still available. But the longer it stays on the market, the better, because if I’m honest, I’m struggling with the last little bit of the R75,717,850.00 asking price. *weeps*

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