I don’t miss the traffic

I’m lucky enough not to have to brave the traffic very often. I used to brave it all the time – although paradoxically, somewhat timidly – but that was a few years ago.
Today, I had to pull on my big boy pants and go into town.


The first journey in and out wasn’t too bad, although the CBD itself was an absolute disaster. Avoiding the Friday morning rush hour by making the appointment for the visa interview at 11 was a stroke of genius. And getting out by 11:30 before the Cape Town Friday exodus began at midday was also good.
Duty done and actually, with very little issue. Boom.

But then the request for additional documents to be submitted in the afternoon shattered all our good work. UnBoom.

And when we returned to the CBD later in the day it was hell to get in, hell to be in and even more hell to get out. Ugh.

I like my car: it’s lovely to drive and it’s a nice place to be. But less so when surrounded by lots and lots of other cars. I can’t believe I used to sit amongst all that stuff for 2 or 3 hours each day. What a waste of time, energy, money and resources.

At least we’re done for a while now, though another visit to another visa centre will follow in a few weeks.
Needs must, so I’m already mentally preparing myself for that.