A bit of light-hearted relief. I think we need it.

So please step forward, well-known and much-respected masters of frivolity, Monsanto™.


Actually, Monsanto™ weren’t involved here. These are entirely photoshopped hybrid animals. This one is a penguitten. Known for its innate ability play with balls of wool in sub-zero Antarctic temperatures, the penguitten cannot fly, but is an excellent swimmer from the neck down.

There are more to see on this link, but see if you can guess which species the Searex, the Labradorca and the Towl are comprised of before you click through.

4 thoughts on “Hybrids

  1. Gina > To be fair, I think that they deliberately chose cute animals for this project. No-one wants to see the mutant offspring of an Aye-Aye and a Mexican hairless dog. Ever.

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