There’s a new album out from the gravelly voiced legend that is… that was… Leonard Cohen, Thanks for the Dance. I was never a huge fan, but I’ve given this one a listen because I was so intrigued by this song, Happens to the Heart. The video – like the song – portrays a movement through life and beyond, and you can sense that this is a genuine story being told.

The extreme postbox video (ruined by the WordPress media player, but particularly good on Theater [sic] Mode on Youtube gives this a real arty feel and weirdly concentrates the mind on what you’re seeing and hearing.

Cohen’s posthumous album came out last month. With these things, as I was saying to a real fan (of Cohen, not of me) earlier today, I always wonder if it was what the the artist would have wanted to have done next (the album, not dying). Also, is there another album’s worth (or more) of unreleased music out there? And if so, would you? Would they? Would Leonard have done?

Perhaps musicians need to have a wholly separate will for their musical wishes. Perhaps Leonard Cohen did.

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