How many seconds to Mars?

Today is the day that was meant to be the day that 30 Seconds To Mars were due to play Grand West Arena and we were meant to be there. However, as few weeks ago, as we mentioned here, they postponed their visit until November.

I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations and I reckon that the time between tonight and their actual appearance is 13,996,800 seconds. So basically, that’s 14 million seconds until 30 Seconds To Mars.
That’s a lot of seconds and so in the meantime, here’s a little something to keep you going:

The irony of all these numbers is that Google gives the average time for an actual journey to Mars as 115 days, and that’s just 9,936,000 seconds. So yes, you could get all the way to Mars and about halfway back as well in the time that it’s going to take Jared et al. to come to see us in Cape Town.

I know that we’re right on the bottom corner of a continent and all that, but really, we’re not that difficult to get to, are we?

3 thoughts on “How many seconds to Mars?

  1. +10 points for my favourite video. Good man.

    I really wouldn’t mind seeing them live again, it really was oh so lovely, even with Jared being as tiny as he is.

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