How Great is China?

Following on from yesterday’s KVLY Mast post, 6000 miles… got this comment from Wu Li Wong:

These Burj Tower, not so impress me. Great China plan build most biggest grandest powerful tower in world. Man who give us New South China Mall plan build the New South China Tower. These New South China Tower is 2km big and make Burj look to be small Tibetan dwarf dog.

Pride in one’s nation is all very well – especially if that country happens to be building the “most biggest grandest powerful tower in world”. But could such a tower really reduce the Burj Dubai to the proportions of a small Himalayan canine?


I googled all over the place but could find no mention of this huge 2km tower. I did find out that despite being the World’s Biggest Mall – it’s also one of the world’s emptiest:

The building includes nearly 7 million sq. ft. of space and is complete with 8,000 parking spots. It also features amusement park rides, themed outdoor areas, an indoor rain forest, and an artificial canal system.
But there is one thing missing … people.

Hmm. With 1,500 store spaces vacant and no sign of economical turnaround any time soon, Wu Li Wong’s claims that it is soon to build to the sky – in his words – not so impress me.

EDIT: Wu is back! (and still connecting via Jo’burg)…

4 thoughts on “How Great is China?

  1. Hey, don’t knock it – someone needs to have the ambition and vision to build the world’s largest empty enclosed space.

    And now Great China is going to stretch that same vision skywards? Someone should warn the Guinness Book of Records – the award for largest empty enclosed space per square metre of ground used has to be up for grabs.
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  2. P.S.: I can’t help thinking about the poor sod who ends up with the penthouse suite. On a clear day the views might be quite stunning but think of the 2km commute from the ground floor …
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..Thoughts =-.

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