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While commenting on this post, I was reminded of History Today – a series of sketches by David Baddiel and Rob Newman of Newman & Baddiel in Pieces and The Mary Whitehouse Experience fame. Brilliant early 90’s “alternative” comedy:


TMWE started out on radio in the late 80’s and I can still remember listening to it late on a Friday night, having hit RECORD on my cassette player in case I should fall asleep halfway through. I never did.
When it moved to TV in 1991, it became more mainstream and was perhaps generally funnier, but a whole lot less edgy. Still, it spawned characters like Ray – always getting into trouble because of his permanently sarcastic tone of voice – and Mr Strange who has an odd obsession with off milk. His catchphrase: “Milky Milky”, became the adjective applied to any social outcast throughout the 1990s.
However, History Today remained a personal favourite and I still recall it when watching or listening to any dull academic debates these days.

Anyway, as with all comedy, it’s never funny if you have to explain it, but you may enjoy clicking through some of the links.
Especially if you happen to be a teenager in the UK 20 years ago.

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  1. That reminds me I must dig out my vhs rips of both series of MWHS & watch them again.

    That’s you, that is.. hehe

    Also loved the Robert Smith pisstake.

    PS. Wanna copy? 😉

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